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Imago Borealis, Outdoor Stock Photos by Stephan Pietzko, is member of the Symbiostock Network. Symbiostock is a group of independent photographers, illustrators and artists licensing royalty-free and rights managed images from our own sites. To make it easier for you, our customer, to find the right image we are linked to each other. To the left you see my immediate Symbiostock network neighbors I link to. Further down you find a link to list the Extended Symbiostock Network, which will also be included in your search depending on the availability of images matching your keyword(s). This means if you do a search for “winter wonderland” you will get a page where my winter wonderland photos appear first, then those matching images from my Symbiostock network neighbors. If there is still not enough images to show you the Extended Symbiostock Network will fill in. So when you click on their images an exciting journey through our Symbiostock network begins since the same “winter wonderland” search will bring up different results and new discoveries on different Symbiostock member sites. Of course, my ambition is to have the pictures you desire here but if I do not I can offer an alternative where you can purchase directly from the artist.Symbiostock is not a stock agency. 100% of your image purchase price goes directly to the artist and will best support creation of new images.