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Northern lights Aurora borealis night sky dance:

Northern lights Aurora borealis night sky danceNorthern Lights, Aurora borealis, dancing over moon lit winter landscape of frozen Lake Laberge, Yukon, Canada, and forested hills.

This is how northern lights like shown in Northern lights Aurora borealis night sky dance can be explained: Electrically charged particles from the sun, the solar wind, get caught in Earth's magnetic field. This magnetosphere directs the particles, which are mainly protons, along its magnetic field lines to the magnetic poles of our planet. At one point, mainly in the auroral zone, the protons can reach the upper atmosphere. Charged particles interact with gas molecules such as nitrogen and oxygen. In turn they emit light. This is basically the same process that produces light in fluorescent lamps. Which are consequently also called gas discharge lamps.

But this is just a science explanation for the northern lights. It does not account in any way for the stunning beauty, dynamic and variety of Aurora borealis when its curtains of color dance over the dark night sky. No wonder the Aurora borealis got named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn. Or called “Dance of the Spirits” by the Cree. Or was generally seen as a sign of God. What would you see in Northern lights Aurora borealis night sky dance?

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