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Hydroquinone microcrystals color abstract art:

Hydroquinone microcrystals color abstract artColorful appearence of crystals of hydroquinone or quinol, a photographic film developer, in polarized light..

This stock photo image of Hydroquinone microcrystals color abstract art can be used as a colorful background for various purposes. It shows intriguing vibrant, almost psychedelic colors and unique shapes, patterns and textures. It could be the abstract work of an artist with a highly creative mind. However, it actually is a pattern of nature.

Use of polarized light to enhance or make visible natural structures is a well-known microscopic technique. Translucent matter with anisotropic properties changes the polarization angle of light shining through. The amount usually depends on its wavelength, which is the color of the light. A second polaroid filter makes clearly visible the effect of anisotropy.

This method is widely used in engineering, research and science. Thus, this stock image photo of Hydroquinone microcrystals color abstract art also illustrates scientific concepts, technology, research and development. It shows the beauty of naturally formed microcrystals of a chemical widely used in industry, common products, and even food.

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