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Hiking boreal forest taiga Yukon Territory Canada:

Hiking boreal forest taiga Yukon Territory CanadaTired hiker taking a rest overlooking rocky terrain and beautiful scenery in boreal forest of Yukon Territory, Canada.

This photo Hiking boreal forest taiga Yukon Territory Canada was taken in the Yukon Territory, the most north-western part of Canada [map]. Mysterious taiga and subarctic tundra, untouched wilderness, wild rivers, clear lakes, rugged mountains, bright midsummer nights with buzzing mosquitoes, strong winters with crystal clear coldness, terrific landscapes and indescribable light – all that is the Yukon (and so much more!). You either hate it or you love it, but you just can't be indifferent.

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The Gwich'in first nation word Yukon means “Great River” or “Big Stream”. It was the ever famous Yukon River that the Yukon Territory was named after. Yukon history is marked by the great gold rush of 1897, which is often referred to as the world's greatest gold rush ever. Mining has been since its major industry. Still, the Yukon has “the freshness, the freedom, the farness” that poet Robert W. Service wrote about. Truly, the Yukon is “Larger than Life”, which is the current official slogan. No wonder wilderness adventure tourism flourishes.

“It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder” – Robert W. Service The Yukon Territory Stock Photos

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