imago borealis – Image of the North

imago borealis – Image of the North

from outdoor photographer Stephan Pietzko wants to be your stock photo source for outdoor photography of the Yukon Territory, Canada and beyond. Stephan Pietzko from imago borealis – Image of the North has a steadily growing portfolio of currently app. 4000 stock photos that are queued to be uploaded to imago borealis. His work celebrates the Yukon’s stunning nature habitats, diverse wilderness landscapes, often as panorama, northern lights, aurora borealis in all seasons, winter to autumn in the boreal forest, taiga to tundra, including the so-called wilderness city of Whitehorse.

High-Quality Stock Photos

There is more! Stephan Pietzko’s imago borealis – Image of the North high-quality stock photos also cover a wide range from travel to outdoor adventure, from New Zealand to Europe, from urban construction to rainforest national parks, from patterns and textures to climate change environment concepts, industrial, energy or agriculture. Everything outdoors might catch Stephan Pietzko’s attention. Since 2010 he has sold more than 35,000 licenses through agents. His stock photos can be found used everywhere on the internet and in print as well.

Get inspired

You are welcome to browse and view the whole portfolio. Only when you decide to purchase a license you need to register in order to process your payment and to securely supply you downloadable photo files with the watermark removed. And wait, as imago borealis is part of the Symbiostock network you also have access to its ever expanding stock image contents that surpass 250,000 images. Get inspired, immerse into the stock image world of imago borealis and the Symbiostock network. Please contact Stephan Pietzko if you look for something specific or if you have any questions.


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